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Rotary International
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  President's Message      


Welcome to the Beverly Rotary Website,

Firstly, THANKS - thanks to:
Sarah for a great year
Rick for twisting my arm enough to stand up and do something for this club
Thanks to Brad Gaige who was my sponsor and brought me in, and to all of my
Presidential predecessors
My son and those who care for me
Ray and Horizon - some of the best friends I could ask for
All the members who are thanking their lucky stars it’s not THEM up here.

Rotary presidency is a bit like boat ownership….
The 2 happiest days are your first and last.

I often stop and take time reflect and give thanks for all of the incredible blessings in my life.
my friends, my amazing family, the SUCCESS I’ve realized in business and the PATIENTS
and practitioners who put their TRUST IN ME,
But so often it’s my COMMUNITY that I am most thankful for. Every day here in Beverly I SEE so much natural BEAUTY, so many wonderful friendly and caring PEOPLE who are a part of the landscape of this town. So being a part of THIS Rotary Club is extra special to me.

That’s why serving this town thru Rotary is particularly gratifying. The people in this room constitute one the most WILLING, Capable, and devoted bunch of MISFIT TOYS that anybody could ever want to find themselves stranded on an island with.

When people in this town face adversity (and we ALL do), the membership of this club steps up beyond compare. I can vouch for that. Without this Club, Id’ve been, and would be LOST.

John & Nancy can vouch for that. John - you’re not a FORMER member, you’re a FAMILY
member - like it or not. And so can hundreds of others. Because this club always comes thru with the goods. And you should ALL be VERY PROUD of that. I sure am.

I think We all know in our hearts, that HE WHO DIES with the most TOYS is STILL DEAD,
but he who DIES with the most FRIENDS, or the GREATEST LEGACY lives on.

This year’s theme from Rotary International is ROTARY SERVING HUMANITY. That’s what we do. We’re a bunch of hopeless damned do-gooders, the lot of us.

As part of this, I’m preparing to launch a few new initiatives, including a new HUNGER
AND HOMELESSNESS INITIATIVE that will be working directly with the newly homeless families in Beverly and the surrounding communities. I am also suggesting that we become a supporting part of the new community opiate crisis outreach program. These are ways that we can really make a difference for some very good people right here at home.


Because we all know that GREAT THINGS ONLY HAPPEN when a BUNCH of EXCELLENT people STEP UP to HELP. You are some of the mostest excellentest people I ever known.

It’s been said that the biggest concern for any organization should be when the most passionate people become quiet. Given the big mouths in this club, I don’t ever see this happening.

I look forward to serving you all as you club president. I am honored in your trust in me, and may God have mercy on your souls for your decision.

I love you all. Thank you.

President Dr. William Beckman

Beverly Rotary President 2015-2016

  President Dr William Beckman